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In a perfect world…

In a perfect world J.K. Rowling would pull a Beyoncé and release a new Harry Potter book on July 31. I’m getting excited just thinking about in theory. Can you imagine if it actually happened?

Every time J.K. Rowling posts something substantial on Pottermore its like the second coming of Jesus. We all come back and unite and prove that we’re stronger than ever. We’re like an army

Dumbledore’s Army reunited at the Quidditch World Cup final


For the first time since the epilogue in Deathly Hallows, J.K. Rowling is offering fans a glimpse into the lives of Harry, Ron, Hermione and others post-Hogwarts.

Written from the perspective of Rita Skeeter, we learn that members of Dumbledore’s Army have reunited at the 2014 Quidditch World Cup! 

Find out which marriage may be on the rocks, which couple may have a slight drinking problem, and who may be benefitting from their family name. Of course, everything’s a possibility with Rita Skeeter; as Jo says, every article’s a quarter truth and three-quarters rubbish!

Where are your favorite characters now? The answer awaits in Rita Skeeter’s column in today’s Daily Prophet, only on Pottermore.com.

Jo is set to be back on Pottermore tomorrow and Friday with new reports on the QWC, this time written by Ginny. The final Quidditch game will be live blogged on Pottermore, and you can attend the event on Facebook here.